Marble’s GTA Roots are Secure in the Beautification of Homes

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The Beginnings of Marble
Marbles GTAThere is a process that stone goes through before it actually becomes what we know as marble. Limestone that is present in the Earth's crust must first crystalize over many years as a result of extreme heat and pressure. This fully crystalized limestone is known as marble.
The wide variety of colours that marble is available in is a result of different mineral impurities that are present in the marble. Marble with minimal mineral impurities is white in colour and is somewhat rare. White marble is prized as a sculpting medium while coloured marble is predominantly used as an elite building material.
Marble is unique from most other rocks in the way it needs to be mined. Marble is renowned for its lustrous beauty which means that care needs to be taken when extracting it. Explosives cannot be used because it can shatter and ruin the specimen. Marble is usually mined with careful cutting machines that can cut the deposit into slabs that can be extracted with minimal damage and minimal waste.
One of the most visually appealing of all building materials, marble has continued its prominence amongst wealthy people and those looking to create an atmosphere of sophisticated elegance in their homes in the greater Toronto area (GTA) and all across Ontario.
Marble Care and Maintenance
One of the most attractive qualities associated with marble is that it is a relatively low maintenance material. Marble is naturally a porous material that when left untreated can be susceptible to stains and dirt. The primary maintenance that is required for marble is a penetrating sealant that provides a finish to protect it from stains, dirt and debris. Using a quality sealant is the key to ensuring that you can enjoy your investment in marble for many years to come. In the event that marble is used in a very highly used space, it may need to be resealed periodically to maximize effectiveness.
The sealant used to finish marble creates an impenetrable barrier that can also be polished to an almost mirror-like appearance. Not only is this an alluring and graceful quality associated with marble, but it also makes cleaning marble surfaces quick and easy with regular cleaner and a cloth.
In the unlikely case that marble is damaged or worn down by high traffic or accident, it can usually be restored by being grinded down and refinished much in the same manner as hardwood floors.
Common Uses for Marble
Marble can breathe new life into any room in a home and is often viewed as a symbol of high status in our society. Homes that have marble accents in the GTA consistently have high resale value and are in considerable demand in the real estate market.
Common and unique uses for marble in homes include:
  • Countertops
  • Floor tiles
  • Shower tiles
  • Sinks
  • Bathtubs
  • Fireplaces and mantels
The use of marble in any room in the house is sure to grab the attention and envy of visitors while conveying a sense of high-class and elegance. Marble accents are a great investment that will transform your home now and well into the future.